Notes to prospective members

[Theory and practice] I value the combination of theory and practice. Even though you may be a theoretical computer scientist, I hope you will also appreciate the view if you aim to work with me. If you think you are only hands-on, kindly notice that I would like to know why things work, which may lead to fundamental discussions on theory. Reflecting on scientific writing, I would like to have precision when possible. 

[Friendliness & Integrity] All members should communicate in a friendly, open, and constructive manner. Everyone has his/her own strengths, and your strength should not be a reason to disregard others. Please be patient when discussing research with me, especially as I will be busy with many other things and won't have time to go into deep details every time (although this is what I love to do). I care so much about integrity, so don't fake things up. 

[Collaboration] Balancing collaboration and independent work among PhD students is crucial for fostering both a productive research environment and ensuring individual academic growth. 

[Mathematics] You don't need to be super strong in mathematics. Still, you need to be comfortable catching up on some knowledge when needed, as this is crucial for CS in machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and formal methods. In addition, you need to demonstrate some aptitude for analytical thinking. 

[Work time] In principle, we shall try not to bother others on weekends. I also believe that relaxing holidays can fuel energy. There may be cases where you want to work hard before the submission deadline (your choice). You may trigger me, but I can't promise to be reactive. I believe the paper should be ready 2 to 3 days before the deadline, as rushing things won't work. 

[Your success & exit criterion] I hope you can be successful in your Ph.D. or postdoc journey, as that's how I define my success. You are not a component in building my success. However, depending on your career goals and capabilities, there are different criteria.

[Publication] Due to my past roles in government and industrial research, publishing in top CS venues was never a requirement. As I have returned to academia, I have set myself a different expectation, and I would encourage the team members to aim their work at premiere CS venues.